Delkog International Foundation

Delkog International Foundation

Dedicated to Providing Quality, Compassionate, Comprehensive, and Accessible Care Services

Delkog International Foundation is an innovative, focused organization dedicated to providing quality, compassionate, comprehensive, and accessible care services for the aged and the less privileged in a safe and environmentally friendly way by creating a conducive environment for their habitation aimed at enabling residents to live life to its fullest.

At Delkog Living Home for the aged, we create a warm, supportive home-like;

  • Residence for older adults
  • Skilled Nursing Care Service: Alzheimer’s/Dementia care, Stroke care, Skilled nursing.
  • Personal Care Services: Bathing, dressing, grooming, Ambulation assistance
  • Companion Services: Medication reminders Meal preparation Grooming assistance etc

Other Services include;

  • Orphanage Home
  • Home for less privileged

We also offer; Monthly financial empowerment for the aged

  • Free Medical care for the aged
  • Provide shelter for the homeless group in the community
  • Feeding/ Food supply
  • Daily care services for the aged

Organizational Goals;

  • Social empowerment for the aged, orphans, and less privileged
  • Provide a conducive orphanage and home for the aged
  • Free medical outreach
  • for the aged, orphans, and less privileged
  • Economic, Educational, and Financial Empowerment for the aged, orphans, and less privileged
  • Identification of the homeless and destitute and facilitating their relocation to an appropriate institution
  • Provide free medical care and legal assistance and take other measures (recreational and home care services) to ensure their quality of life.