At Expert Holistic Healthcare, our services are focused on the general well-being of those we treat. Our professionals are well-trained and they handle our clients with the utmost confidentiality. Only Nature heals perfectly. A Naturopath Doctors, we employ various treatment options to achieve healing such as. 


Also known as Chinese medicine. A system of treatment in which fine needles are inserted in the skin at specific points called accu-points, used in the treatment of various physical and mental conditions such as the reversal of stroke diagnosed within 72hrs, arthritis, insomnia, drug-free pain reliever, and lots more….


A type of treatment option that treats mechanical disorders of the joints especially the spine by manipulating the spine (spinal adjustment) in order to improve general health. It is a form of alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially of the spine. It has esoteric origins and is based on several pseudoscientific ideas.


Physical manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones aimed at correcting the underlying health concerns. The aim is to restore the normal function and stability of the joints to help the body heal itself. We use our hands to treat your body in a variety of ways, using a mixture of gentle and forceful techniques. Our techniques is based on the individual patient and the symptoms they have reported.